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kaitlyn rapai smiles at she works at her desk people pleasing boundaries

Stop People-Pleasing & Set Boundaries at Work

I’m honored to be a guest on the Learners & Leaders podcast this week! Its an amazing educational podcast hosted by Huda Harajli and Jen Kibbey. On the show, we talk about why so many teachers identify as people-pleasers, how people-pleasing can lead to burnout and how to set a boundary despite our desire to ...
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Kaitlyn Rapai organizes a small shelving unit

How to organize a small space, in 4 easy steps

On my way to getting my brain and time in order, I started seeing the benefits of organizing the spaces in my home. The more organized my spaces were, the easier it became to find my things, the less time I wasted. There is nothing brand new here. This process is an amalgamation of techniques ...
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Kaitlyn Rapai journaling at a table.

Why your thoughts matter: 3 steps for feeling better from burnout in just 15 minutes

A few months ago, I was working with a first-time client who was new to coaching, and as we talked through her thoughts, she kept repeating, “Yeah, I get that, so what do I do?”  I totally understand her question; all throughout our lives we are bombarded with messages to “just do it” and “put ...
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kaitlyn rapai looking out her kitchen window

Are you burned out? Three questions to ask yourself + the tools you need for support.

Are you? I really don’t know, only you can answer that. But I do know the patterns I’ve seen over and over in myself and in my colleagues right before they jumped ship. And I know the tools that supported me and many others to shift out of burnout. Question #1: Do you dread waking ...
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kaitlyn rapai at her desk

Why I needed life coaching and maybe you do too.

I’ve been a teacher for almost half my life. I started teaching right after I graduated from college. About 12 years in, I was done… I was completely overwhelmed, exhausted and ready to quit to become an Uber Driver. I had myself totally convinced that driving for Uber was the answer to all of my ...
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