About Coaching with Kaitlyn

74% of educators are currently dissatisfied with their job. Are you?

I’ve been a special education teacher in Metro Detroit for over 17 years. Unlike many who have left the profession, I’ve worked through burnout and come out the other side. I didn’t start taking an amazing miracle pill or drinking at work. In order to work my way though burnout, I used tools taught to me by a life coach to manage my mind, reduce my stress levels, and create new boundaries and balance in my life. Because I needed help and guidance, I’d love to pass my knowledge on to you.

Q: What happens during a mini-session?

A: I’ll share my most valuable tools and answer all of your questions. Whether you choose to work with me or not, you’ll have the tools to start your journey towards healing.

Q: When and where are sessions held?

A: As both a full-time special education teacher and a coach, I’m available when you are; after school and on weekends. You can pick a time that fits into your schedule right here on my Calendly.

Q: How do I coach with you?

A: After our mini-session, I offer a 6-week burnout prevention package. Each package is individually tailored to your needs.  We meet on Zoom for 45 minutes each week and look at your unique life circumstances together. It’s like a lesson plan, but for revamping your life.  All of our sessions are completely confidential, and recordings can be sent to you to review and reinforce concepts. Additionally, I am available in-between sessions via email and text to answer any of your questions.  If you’re feeling called to work on improving your life, book a free mini-session, and we will talk all about it.
kaitlyn rapai with her dog, richard