Episode 56: Do Not Disturb Until August

Show Notes

It’s time to check in with ourselves to determine how we really feel about not working this summer. If you’ve ever been asked about the ‘working in the summer’ question by non teachers you’d know the type of feeling it elicits. If you’re the kind of person that says summers are for fun and relaxation without hesitation, that’s amazing! Many teachers struggle with the answer, however, and some love to explain how we really need the time off because the type of work we do is so mentally and physically draining. 

If we really think about how we want to feel about not working in the summer we can align our answer to our values and be firm with it without having to offer explanations. We must remember that people will think what they want regardless of our answer. No amount of explaining will convince anyone who already made up their mind about teachers having their summers off.

It’s time for us to reframe our thoughts and think about the next few weeks as the time we pour into our well-being, learn to disconnect and not let our overachieving mentality make some of us think we’re lazy because we’re off.

It’s ok to not want to talk about school, difficult students, colleagues, administrators, and all the stressors we typically face during the school year. The thoughts we think will determine whether we feel pressured or guilty for not registering for a summer conference, workshop or webinar on how to start the new school year –when it’s only the beginning of July. The more we acknowledge how we truly feel, the more we’d realize how we’re not outcasts for wanting to disconnect.

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