Episode 55: Independent Thought

Show Notes

This episode is an extension of the last two episodes regarding recharging for the summer and having an overwhelming amount of goals. So many teachers look forward to the summer to finally do the things we think we cannot do during the school year. Whether it is reading for pleasure, going for long walks in nature, working out, etc. Summers is where our dream to-do list gets done. But, our exhaustive to-do list can drive us into a slump when we think we finally have the time to relax, the list can wait.

When we realize that our time, or lack thereof, during the school year and summer is all our perception (created by our thoughts) we can pivot into thinking thoughts that serve us.

We have the freedom and autonomy to choose our thoughts, but having this choice is only possible when we pause to acknowledge the thoughts we’re actually thinking. Oftentimes, those thoughts are not our own. Instead, they are the results of many years of conditioning or thoughts that are passed down to us either by our family, friends, environment, society, etc. The moment we stop to examine the thoughts that are driving our actions we have the power to decide whether we want to keep them or not. We can ask ourselves, Are those thoughts serving us? How are these thoughts helping me achieve my goals? Do they add value or are they stressful and negative?

In order to obtain the results we want this summer, we must practice a thought that empowers us to take action. Here’s an example from the hosts:

  • Goal: Working out consistently
  • Thought:
    • Not helpful: I have all day. – This thought not only doesn’t have the energy to drive the action, it also allows for time to be wasted doing everything but working out.
    • Helpful: I get to do it. – This thought elicits the feeling of being grateful and appreciative of having more time, being physically able to move the body.
  • Result: There’s motivation and energy to workout first thing in the morning. Everything else on the list happens afterwards.

Find the thoughts preventing you from doing what you want this summer. Change it to one that empowers you to jump into action. Practice it every day.

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