Episode 54: Paralyzed by Your To Do List

Show Notes

If you experience a lack of motivation when school’s out for the summer you’re not alone. So many of us experience action paralysis when we finally have the time to do the goals we’ve waited all year long to complete.

Teachers, for the most part, are very much goal oriented and we live and thrive by having structure in our days. We have a responsibility to fulfill, whether we feel like it or not, and having to adhere to the school schedule, bells, deadlines, etc., ensures that things get done.
That is the reason the number one strategy to tackle our to-do list in the summer is to give ourselves structure, beginning with rest first! Resting and recharging must be a priority during this time! We must reframe our mindset from thinking that our worth is attached to how productive we are on any given day.

Our society views being busy as a sign of high status. If you’ve ever felt burned-out you know that viewpoint does not serve us.
Begin with rest, then tackle one small goal at a time. Reward yourself whenever you cross something off your list (big or small). Celebrating, or acknowledging ourselves–even if the task seems small to us– trains our brain to think better thoughts.

Remember, every action begins with a thought first. Begin your day setting your intention for the day:

  • How would you like to feel?
  • What thoughts would you like to think on purpose?
  • What small tasks can you accomplish?
  • How will you rest and have fun?
  • How are you honoring your needs?

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