Episode 51: Tapping 101 with author Michelle Auton

Show Notes

Michelle Auton has been a UK primary school teacher for twenty-five years and an Assistant Headteacher for ten years. She has always been passionate about teaching and the importance of creating a nurturing and safe environment for both children and staff to thrive. Her inner drive to do the best job possible has at times pushed her too far. In the last eight years she has learnt how mindfulness and tapping can support her to be a great teacher, Mum and wife whilst maintaining balance in her life. After recognising the benefits, she trained to be an EFT Tapping practitioner and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher and has since delivered many courses on these topics.  Her desire to share self-care techniques with teachers is brought together in her first book ‘What Happy Teachers Do’ as a practical guide for teachers to reduce stress and prioritise self-care. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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