Episode 49: Can Changing Your Job Fix Everything?

Show Notes

The way we feel about our job as teachers is not defined by the circumstances we face. Rather, it’s defined by what we think. We often believe we’re being objective and believe what we think is the truth. We’re so convinced that we think and what we know is what is.

The more we focus on the negative thoughts we have about what we do, the more evidence we will continue to find that reaffirms what we’re focusing on. Thankfully, the opposite also happens and we are able to find plenty of proof of all the positive aspects of our job the more we focus on those aspects. 

We get to decide what we want our narrative to be. Either narrative creates a story that becomes a little book with chapters. We tell it, or think it so many times that it becomes solidified in our psyche. Our narrative can either empower or weaken us. 

Become aware of your story.

  • Write it out
    • Who are you as a teacher?
    • What’s your school like?
    • What are your students, colleagues, parents, etc. like?
    • What do you think about your career?

Read your story and identify all the facts. You’ll know they’re facts if everyone can agree with you. You’ll realize that there might be a handful of facts, but your story is mostly full of your thoughts and feelings. 

Anything that’s a thought is optional. Reflect on the reasons why you’re choosing to think those thoughts and decide if you want to change them. 

Once you decide you want to change them you must work on it everyday. It will not happen by inertia. You must do certain things to guarantee that you’ll protect your energy and thoughts.

If after a deep reflection you love your reasons to change your job, then go for it. Otherwise, keep doing the deep internal work until circumstances are not the reason you’d want to change it.

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