Episode 48: Personal Updates for Busy Teachers

Show Notes

In this episode of the Teacher Thrive podcast the hosts take a deeper dive to explore how we can implement personal upgrades that would level up different areas of our life. If you love to thrive, not just exist, then this episode is perfect for you. 

Research shows that even small upgrades can have a significantly positive impact and we can be better equipped to handle difficult situations, manage stress better, lower our cortisol, increase our energy and even be more organized/productive at home or doing things we truly enjoy inside and outside of work.

Some Upgrades Include:

  • Prioritize Sleep
    • Take sleeping mocktails about 2 hours before your bedtime
      • Magnesium, tart cherry juice and Ashwagandha, if need be.
      • Make time for decompressing by journaling or reading.
  • Make Your Bed
    • There’s even a book written about the importance of this seemingly menial task.  US Navy Admiral William McRaven wrote it, and the basic premise is that accomplishing small goals help us persevere through challenges throughout the day because you start your day with a task completed. 
    • If we add making our own coffee, packing lunch, filling up our water bottle and taking your vitamins, not only would we be fueling our body with nutritious and healthier foods, but our pockets would thank us!

Make sure to take a listen for a detailed list of our hosts’ favorite upgrades.

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