Episode 47: Savor or Slog Through?

Show Notes

In this episode of the Teacher Thrive podcast the hosts discuss how to finish the year strong. During the last few months of the school year many teachers experience a sort of frenzy due to all the tasks that need to be completed before the year is over. There’s curricula that need to be covered, evaluations to be administered, goals to ponder and reflections to make on how we can do it all over again, but better during the upcoming year. 

The last two months bring a unique set of challenges for teachers. In addition to preparing students for tests we must face the fact that they’re at their wit’s end and in dire need of robust amounts of motivation. Since this motivation has to come in big part from their teachers, we must do certain things to ensure that we ourselves hop-skip our way to the finish line. 

Below are a few suggestions the hosts propose in order to end the school year thriving:

  • Keep the end in mind: Do your normal routine knowing that there’s something you’re looking forward to doing once school lets out. This does not need to involve traveling. It can be as simple as spending comfortable and cozy time at home watching a series, or having the time to go for long, slow walks in the morning.
  • Show up intentionally: Make it a point to finish strong by keeping your mental game strong. No student, parent or administrator can determine how you feel or respond to a situation. Anticipate possible issues and plan accordingly. Mix up your highly structured lessons with fun games so that there’s also laughter and high energy.
  • Protect your energy: Put some distance between negative individuals and stay organized. Having a plan to accomplish each day will keep you laser-focused– and able to tune out all the noise – and ahead of the game.

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