Episode 43: When you Feel Trapped

Show Notes

Today we’re exploring the pervasive notion of counting down the years in teaching. I’ve observed a prevalent sentiment of feeling trapped by the profession’s perceived timeline. Many educators adhere to the notion of a “30-year ideal,” viewing retirement as the ultimate liberation from the confines of teaching. 

I’d like to propose a shift in perspective. Feeling trapped in one’s profession not only leads to burnout but also cultivates a culture of negativity and disengagement.

Rather than resigning ourselves to this countdown mentality, let’s embrace agency and choice in our careers. By reframing our mindset and exploring alternative avenues within and beyond education, we can foster a sense of autonomy and fulfillment.

Moreover, prioritizing self-care and cultivating mindfulness are crucial steps in navigating these professional challenges. It’s important to recognize the power of metacognition in reshaping our thoughts and emotions surrounding our work. For those grappling with feelings of entrapment and burnout, know that support is available. Seeking guidance in addressing educator burnout can be transformative.

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