Episode 40: Pushing Through Anxiety

Show Notes

We all face different pressures and circumstances that may cause us to feel anxious at one point or another. There are a plethora of factors that can add stress to our already busy lives if we’re not careful. Whether our stress is due to work, life situations, the news, or a predisposition to worry, it is a real threat to our well-being. Statistics show that there’s an epidemic of loneliness due to a lack of real connection between family and friends. 

Having our attention drawn in so many directions nowadays can be a real cause for anxiety, doubt and overwhelm. Social media can offer a delicious dose of distraction and instant gratification that could be hard to pass, but that, inevitably, may be contributing to our feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety.

Being cognizant of our priorities can be the first step in alleviating our anxiety. Our priorities remind us that it’s not all about the grind. Our modern society is almost obsessed with working hard and going for our dreams and being successful. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the hussle and the grind, there’s also nothing wrong with slowing down, resting or doing leisure activities… often! 

Working hard gives us tremendous benefits, such as confidence, experience, personal development, etc. It is also true that the real way to self-actualization has to do with ultimately loving what we do and feeling that it matters to us.

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