Episode 39: Who Are You, Really?

Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast the hosts share 12 questions you can consider when you find yourself at a crossroads about any aspect of your life – who are you, really?

First and foremost, we must examine and establish honesty with ourselves. This can be done by asking two simple questions: Who have I been? And Who do I want to be? Your thoughts, feelings and actions determine both. The difference is that by thinking about these questions intentionally you can give direction to your own life and actually have an outcome that you have thought about ahead of time, as opposed to by default.

One of the most impactful things we can all do in order to achieve this is redirect our thoughts. Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs determine how we act, thus they determine who we are. But, we can practice new beliefs by practicing new thoughts. We can question every aspect of our life we’d like to change. In essence, we can give ourselves a life upgrade just by deciding not to live by the status quo.

This will require practice and determination. You can redefine anything you want about yourself. You don’t need to announce it or ask for permission. You only need to decide that you’re doing it.

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