Episode 38: Boundaries Step by Step

Show Notes

We all agree that we need boundaries for an array of different things: to protect our peace and sometimes our safety, top the list. But, how does one actually set and hold a boundary? This Boundary Cheat Sheet walks you through the process step by step. Below are some things you can keep in mind.

Establish your why for setting the boundary. Chances are if your reason is not strong enough you may not feel compelled to uphold it.

You don’t need to announce your boundary. The only reason you would let someone know about your boundaries is if they are violated or the situation warrants you verbalizing you have them.

Think and prepare for a worse-case scenario to ensure you will uphold your boundary.

As you do this work, it’s crucial to know what you value. When your actions are based on your values and priorities they will come from a place of love and discernment, not from fear of what others will think.

There could be exceptions to your boundaries or not. Just make sure you are aware of them and that you’ve thought about them ahead of time. When others can negotiate a boundary with you it stops being a boundary. Your actions can still feel aligned to your values if you determine ahead of time that your boundary is flexible, otherwise more work is needed creating a strong boundary and knowing your ‘why’.

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