Episode 37: Rest

Show Notes

Being busy in our current society can oftentimes be perceived as being successful, effective, and productive. So many of us have the impression that our busyness improves our status, as we may be seen as a go-getter, ambitious and driven person. We stay busy against our better judgment because we don’t want to be seen as lazy or perhaps we think it might make us less than.

The hosts argue that finding time to do absolutely nothing should be part of the norm. We must decide for ourselves what’s best for us, our bodies and our mental health and follow through without concern about others’ opinions. 

Being in a constant state of action–physical and/or mental – is exhausting and leads to overwhelm and burnout. It can also lead to developing chronic stress, which is the leading cause for many illnesses.

Giving ourselves permission to rest is one of the most loving actions we can do for ourselves. We need time to pause and recenter our focus and priorities. This is especially crucial for teachers, especially in our current environment where so many capable, dedicated, and extraordinary teachers are leaving the profession due to unreasonable expectations, amongst other factors.

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