Episode 35: Goal Setting with Nakia Prileau-Connor

Show Notes

Before setting goals we must take stock of where we are and where we’d like to go. The process can be more effective when we reflect on our journey as it allows us to chart a clear path for ourselves. A practice of reflection can help us gain awareness of where we’re allowing old patterns and beliefs to run on automatic.

Having awareness can also help identify the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Understanding our internal narrative can have a profound impact on the choices we make as they may, inadvertently, lead to abandoned projects and unfulfilled aspirational goals. Reframing our thinking can truly lay the groundwork for the goals we’d want to achieve. 

Being aware of our own thinking can help us identify and understand situations that may trigger fears or insecurities that may cause us to abandon our goals. The next step is to examine and question whether those situations should really determine our future. Once we gain perspective, we can decide whether or not to continue holding the belief; and if what we envision is better, that would be a clear indication that it’s time for a change. 

Reflecting can help us identify our core values and priorities and then set goals that are aligned with them

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