Episode 34: Compare and Despair

Show Notes

  • Comparing ourselves to others can be beneficial or detrimental for us. If we compare ourselves with people who are doing more and this is a source of inspiration and motivation to us, then it could be beneficial, otherwise we’d be causing ourselves a lot of unnecessary suffering and mental agony.
  • Experts recommend that we only compare ourselves to our earlier version and measure all our accomplishments, instead of comparing ourselves upwards and focusing on the things we haven’t done yet. 
  • Social media could exacerbate feelings of inadequacy if you compare yourself to all the things people make you believe they have or are doing. Keeping up with the Joneses will only lead to burnout and empty pockets. 
  • There will always be others doing more, having more. Comparison is the fastest way to getting stuck in confusion, procrastination or feelings of inadequacy. If you can be aware that comparison doesn’t serve you, then you can consciously choose to focus on yourself, and your goals and redirect your thoughts to more empowering ones.
  • As always, having compassion towards yourself is paramount. You’d be your own worst enemy if on top of comparing yourself you also judge yourself.

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