Episode 33: Are You an Empath?

Show Notes

Are you an empath?

If you consider yourself an empath you probably see it as a sign of goodness. You’re able to sense whether or not someone’s having a good or bad day… Sometimes you may even think you know how the person is feeling. 

The truth is that being an empath does not give us the power to read minds. Oftentimes the belief that we can read the room or pick up on people’s energies is about what we’re thinking, as opposed to what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Constantly checking and being aware of people’s moods can leave us exhausted and can lead to people-pleasing, which in turn leaves us feeling resentful and depleted.  


  • You’re a good listener
  • You’re able to understand others well
  • You can perceive the “energy” of the other person


  • You get overwhelmed in crowded places
  • You’re mentally exhausted from taking in/trying to read other people’s emotions
  • You risk burnout

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