Episode 32: When You Feel Victimized

Show Notes

  • When we’re stuck in victim mentality our happiness depends on external things:
    • Circumstances
    • Other people
  • We blame external circumstances for our happiness or lack thereof.
  • We THINK that we’re unhappy because of external things: But, the cause of our unhappiness is our thoughts.
  • Blaming leaves us powerless.
    • If we depend on the actions of other people to make us happy we’re at their mercy.
    • When they don’t make us happy then we try to change them.
      • We can’t change other people.
  • As teachers it’s important to manage our emotions and not make decisions from that reactive place. 
  • We can take full responsibility for how we feel.
  • We don’t have to depend on people or our situation changing. We can change how we feel by changing our thoughts.
  • This is empowering – recognizing that students’ behavior is not about us. It gives us access to then be able to help them.

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