Episode 30: When You Feel Stupid

Show Notes

We all have moments of self doubt, frustration and mistakes. 

A better approach when we feel stupid is pausing and assigning the label of stupid to the action that was done or the words that were said, not to ourselves.

We must be careful with our words; they are one of the ingredients we use to create identity and self expression. Words can also act as a sentence. And when we say them out loud they have the power to uplift or destroy our self concept.

Reasons Why We Feel Stupid
The reasons are endless. We may be:

  • Comparing ourselves.
  • Struggling with negative thoughts
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Focusing on a familiar feeling and our brain, body and nervous system might be used to feeling this way.
  • Focusing mainly on our shortcomings.

Nothing is gained when we beat ourselves up. Feelings aren’t facts. We can all find areas of our lives where we’re thriving and are very good at. It doesn’t serve us to harp on the negative aspects of ourselves.

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