Episode 27: When a Situation Sucks

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Show Notes

  • We suffer about situations in our lives we’d rather change.
  • When we think life sucks we’re believing thoughts and judgements about the circumstance we’re having.
  • Our work as life coaches is to question our thoughts, not take them as facts.
    • So many times our thoughts go unquestioned and we end up believing them if we’re not careful. 
    • In addition to believing habitual thoughts we create narratives around them that further exacerbate our suffering. In essence, our brain focuses on the sentences most prominent  in our minds and seeks evidence to support them. 
    • Our brain is programmed to look for the negative because it thinks that’s what we need to do to survive. But, when we’re focused on negative thoughts we will find negative evidence to support those thoughts. That’s when we may find ourselves trapped in the thought that a situation sucks. 
    • As it happens, thoughts are not inherently factual; we recommend practicing identifying a situation in its purest form– no thoughts/opinions about it and no story/narrative/judgment around it. These add-ons to any situation cause us to suffer unnecessarily. 
    • The good news is that we can switch the thoughts for thoughts that serve and empower us. This is done with a lot of practice and a lot of patience as we’re trying to undo years of our programming. 
    • You can start practicing undoing years of conditioning with Byron Katie’s 4 Questions:
      • Is it true?
      • Can you absolutely know it’s true?
      • How do you react – what happens- when you believe that thought?
      • Who would you be without the thought?

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