Episode 19: Procrastination

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Show Notes

We tend to struggle with procrastination when we create a negative story around the task we’re avoiding doing. Procrastination is fear that the task will take too long to complete, or it will be hard, or you can’t do it. If the task we’re avoiding doing is an endeavor completely new to us, we may procrastinate because of lack of confidence in ourselves. Self-doubt creeps in and our belief in ourselves starts to waiver.

Procrastination may happen when we know we won’t get instant gratification from the task we’re avoiding doing. When the task you’re avoiding doesn’t result in a dopamine hit it’s easy to put it off and do something that will instead. This is one of the reasons why so many people spend way too much time doing things that provide a feeling of immediate satisfaction. For some of us it could be spending time on social media, eating, complaining, watching TV, etc. 

If you procrastinate you may also struggle with feelings of shame when you fail to follow through on something you said you’d do. Shame can make us spiral down with self-criticism and judgment.

So many of us resort to paying in order to have accountability. We show up for others, but often struggle to show up for ourselves. Also, being a perfectionist can lead to procrastination.

Some strategies that help with procrastination are: pre-planning/writing things down, having an accountability partner, have clear goals, get organized, optimize your environment, rest and get rid of distractions.

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