Episode 18: How to Get Your Focus Back

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Kaitlyn Rapai:
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Show Notes

In Episode 18, the hosts explore the challenges of staying focused in today’s distractible world. They openly discuss their personal experiences with distraction, acknowledging tendencies to lose focus even in the midst of conversations. The conversation touches upon topics like ADHD, the concept of masking in neurodivergent individuals, and the struggle to balance ambitious goals with realistic expectations.

The hosts share practical strategies for regaining focus, emphasizing the effectiveness of breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable steps. They highlight the significance of organizational systems, visual reminders, and labeling to reduce stress and increase productivity. The discussion also touches on the empowering impact of acknowledging one’s ability to handle challenges and seeking help when needed.

Original Music by: Matthew Dotson

Cover Art by: Nate Rapai

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