Episode 13: Other People’s Opinions

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Show Notes

In this episode; the hosts discuss other people’s opinions. The goal in this case is not to pretend that we don’t care what others think of us, nor to discard the real benefits that come with being liked. It’s essentially how we make connections and feel a sense of belonging; we are social beings after all. 

However, losing ourselves in the process of constantly trying to make others like you should give us pause. It’s time to think about ‘why’. Why do we care so much about the opinions of people we might not even like or respect? Not to mention that everyone’s opinion gets filtered through our own unique lens based on the experiences they’ve had. 

Even when you want to people-please and turn yourself inside out trying, people will still think what they want of you. Because it’s not about you. It’s about what they want to think about you. You can learn to allow people to be wrong about you. You can’t change people’s thoughts about you.

Ask yourself: 

Is betraying yourself–so that others like you–how you want to spend your time and energy?

When we spend time thinking about what we stand for, and the patterns in our behavior, we could be better positioned to analyze others’ opinions objectively. You might be less inclined to act out of fear of not belonging and instead honor who you are and act in accordance to your values.

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