Episode 12: Self-Confidence

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Show Notes

In this episode; the hosts discuss how to be self-confident as a teacher. One way to feel confident during parent meetings, for example, is analyzing the thoughts we have about the parents and the situation. Sometimes, those thoughts have been given to us by other people. Another way is to remind yourself that you, like everyone else in the meeting, want the best for the student and are in a partnership with the parents.  

Suggestions on how to be confident when you’re being observed: Prepare ahead of time and then let go. Being prepared allows you to have structure during the lesson, which in turn helps with classroom management. It also helps to anticipate possible issues such as having too much time (or lack thereof) at the end of the lesson. Letting go follows being prepared. You can only control the actions of your students up to the point when they decide they will do something else. When this is the case, manage your thoughts. Remember, you can decide how to respond to any given situation.

Letting go of the need for the lesson to be picture perfect can help with your self confidence. Making the lesson about the students and what they need at that moment can make a big difference in how we handle difficult situations. You can still meet your objections even if the lesson doesn’t go according to plan. Showing up authentically and teaching the person first may give you the conviction you need to continue developing your craft.

Comparing yourself to other teachers can break your confidence. Comparing yourself is only good when you try to emulate something great someone else is doing. However, comparison is the kiss of death when you think others are great, but you’re less than. 

Other ways of being confident is to remind yourself of your strengths and to watch your internal talk. Instead of tearing yourself down, show yourself compassion and grace the way you would a best friend you absolutely love.

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