Episode 10: Resilience

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Show Notes

In this episode; the hosts discuss how important it is to build resilience, especially as teachers.

Being resilient is having the ability to spring back into shape after facing something difficult. As teachers, we face unique challenges that require us to be resilient on a daily basis. We must be able to professionally engage with difficult parents, students, administrators and sometimes colleagues. Our ability to successfully handle all these different scenarios, and still show up to work the next day, speaks to how resilient we are.

Being resilient can’t be left to chance. We must be willing and intentional when cultivating resilience. We must take care of ourselves first by having a self-care routine, setting boundaries and managing our thoughts.

Another strategy we can all implement when we want to build resilience is establishing constraints. Constraints help you get behind the wheel of the things we can control. For example, we can limit the number of digital platforms we use to deliver our lesson, the amount of lesson planning we do, homework we assign and work we grade. We can set limits to working during work hours as opposed to nights and weekends (as much as possible). 

Setting intentions is another strategy that can help when building resilience. Setting intentions beforehand is anticipating how you’d feel when a particular situation happens again. You anticipate your response and by doing that you also show the rest of the class that you’re the adult in the classroom and you’re in control. This is one strategy that has helped both hosts when dealing with difficult students.

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