Episode 8: Time Management

Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast the hosts discuss time management and how it could be one of the best tools to help reduce life and work stress.

It’s true that so many teachers are organized, but many struggle juggling all the parts of their life, especially if they have the responsibility of a house, children, aging parents, or simply things that come up.

Kaitlyn and Madel point out that having a calendar system provides structure and creates a process that allows you to complete all the important tasks on your list. It’s important to point out that not all tasks deserve our attention. After making a list of all the tasks you’d like to accomplish, sort them in order of importance and allocate a time during the week for each.

Some people prefer to do weekly checks, while for others this might be different. The important thing is to have a system for your own time management. Once it’s on the calendar, you just have to follow up with yourself. Train yourself to keep your word and show up to the scheduled activity assigned on the calendar.

Following this process could make a significant difference in your productivity and in achieving your goals. Once a particular task is on the calendar it’s as good as done. Some people like the idea of breaking larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. This can also help perceive the task as more attainable and less overwhelming.

This system can also help you make faster decisions (even saying no more often if this is something you struggle with). Once a task goes on your calendar you become unavailable during that time slot.

Being prepared with this process opens up more mental bandwidth, allowing you to free up space to welcome creativity, enjoyment and a more positive mindset.

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