Episode 5: Creating Self-Awareness

Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast your hosts, Madel Mazzella and Kaitlyn Rapai, discuss the importance of creating self-awareness has when we find ourselves thinking negatively.

Download the Free Guide to Create Self-Awareness Here.

Being self-aware allows us to identify when we’ve fallen into a negative loop. When you’re in this loop, your ‘autopilot’ gets activated without you realizing it. Your perspective and attitude change, and suddenly you feel unable to cope with situations you were more than capable to handle in the past.

When you’re unaware that one thought could potentially be impacting your entire day you may feel overwhelmed throughout the day and you may be carrying this energy with you in everything you do.

One strategy we can use when we find ourselves stuck in a negative loop is get curious. You’ll discover the root of this negativity by acknowledging how you feel and then asking yourself why. The answer should be objective. For example, Madel shared how she didn’t mind her commute in the beginning of her career, in fact, she saw it as an opportunity to have ‘me’ time. But, later it became THE thing she complained about the most, and a big reason she felt stress and overwhelm.

Ask yourself “What am I thinking? How am I feeling?” – Utilize the Free Guide to Create Self-Awareness to help! It starts with getting to know yourself. The thoughts you think on repeat become your beliefs, and beliefs guide our actions. So, identify the disempowering beliefs you currently have.

Thoughts are powerful because they tell our brain what to focus on. If you’re thinking you’re overwhelmed, you will most likely find evidence to prove it.

You have the power to shift how you’re thinking. The first thing you need to have in order to do this is self-awareness. You can train your brain to think a different thought– not one that is the exact opposite of what you’re thinking, just a slightly different thought that is believable to you; one that can, little by little, get you out of the rut.

Instead of “I’m a total mess.” You can say “I’ve held the same job for 17 years… maybe I’m not a mess.”

It’s a small shift that opens up a different, more empowering possibility.

We will all continue to have negative thoughts and most probably get stuck in a negative thinking loop. Negative thoughts and feelings are part of the deal as a human being. But, there’s a big difference between being stuck in a negative thinking loop and not realizing you’ve gone on autopilot, and being aware that you have the power to shift your focus.

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