Episode 4: Boundaries

Show Notes

To create boundaries you have to draw a line to mark the limit of a situation, a behavior or action or a person. It indicates where you end and others begin. They can be used to protect our time and space.

Boundaries are 100% for yourself.

Grab our quick, two-page cheat sheet if you want to learn how to set and enforce a boundary.

Establishing boundaries is especially hard for people pleasers since they tend to want to be agreeable. But, it’s important to set boundaries in every area of your life in order to indicate to others how you’d like to be treated.

Setting boundaries is necessary for your wellbeing and it can be done from a loving place and out of love for oneself and not against other people. Oftentimes we may be afraid to set boundaries out of fear of disappointing others. But, oftentimes those fears are simply thoughts in our head, as opposed to what anyone’s thinking.

A lack of boundaries can lead to resentment, overwhelm and burnout. We want to be and do everything for everyone, except we ignore ourselves and what we truly want in the process. When you silence your voice to please others you create a hostile environment within yourself.

On the other hand, when we acknowledge our wants and needs and create boundaries to uphold them we show up differently. We say yes to the things we actually do want to do and in general have a much better disposition and affect.

Unless they are violated, boundaries need not be announced or explained. They only need to be communicated if they’ve been violated.

Both hosts agree that boundaries are an effective way to feel empowered. Once you create a boundary in one area of your life you’ll feel quite capable of doing the same in other areas. You also get to know yourself better since establishing a boundary requires reflection and acknowledgement about who you are and what you stand for.

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