Episode 2: Teacher Burnout

Show Notes

In today’s episode the hosts, Madel and Kaitlyn discuss teacher burnout.

With so many expectations and demands placed on teachers it is no wonder so many of us experience so much exhaustion, stress and ultimately burnout.

Having a “good girl” mentality and neglecting to establish boundaries can lead to burnout. Setting intentions before starting the day helps when establishing boundaries. Once you know what your priorities are it’s easier to say no if it is in alignment with your priorities. Madel reminds us that when you say yes to others, when you want to say no, you’re saying no to yourself. When this is your pattern you can become resentful for always doing something you’d rather not do.

Kaitlyn shares that, as teachers, we always want to help and it can be hard to say no sometimes. But, when you learn to say yes only to the things you want to, instead of out of obligation, you show up differently. You feel good about saying yes, therefore, there is no resentment about it.

One strategy Kaitlyn uses is going to work with the intention of being curious, especially when students misbehave. She asks her students probing questions that help them express and manage how they’re feeling, and at the same time it helps her understand the behavior in a more compassionate way.

Another strategy Madel shares is working when you’re at work. She tries to avoid the water cooler talk as much as possible so she can complete her tasks at work, instead of at home.

The hosts encourage reading the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown. In the book, the author affirms that we have to direct our time and energy where it matters to us. To do this we need to have 3 mindset shifts: choose and identify what we can control, discern and filter out the noise in order to let in what’s truly valuable to us. And, finally we have to have trade offs – you can do anything, but not everything.

Kaitlyn and Madel agree that when you take care of yourself, you can show up in a much better way for the students and for yourself. It also means that you show yourself grace when things don’t go according to plan.

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