Episode 1: Meet Madel and Kaitlyn

Show Notes

Welcome to the introductory episode of Teacher Thrive, the podcast dedicated to empowering educators to thrive in their profession. Join your hosts, Madel Mazzella and Kaitlyn Rapai, as they embark on this journey of providing valuable insights and strategies for teachers.

In this episode, certified life coaches and teachers, Madel Mazzella and Kaitlyn Rapai, discuss their roles as teachers and how they became life coaches. Madel shares how her conditioning had her thinking and acting on autopilot; and the meaning behind ‘unbothered and soft’. Madel works with culturally diverse women looking to evolve to the next best version of themselves. She’s a mindset and lifestyle coach helping women overcome their old conditioning to become empowered.

Kaitlyn shares how feeling burned out led her to coaching and how she was able to transform the way she was showing up by changing her thoughts about her job and herself. Kaitlyn works with teachers to prevent burnout and provides the tools that they need in order to overcome it so they can learn how to love their jobs again.

Together, Madel and Kaitlyn discuss the importance of thriving as a teacher rather than merely surviving the demands of the profession. They emphasize the transformative power of self-care, mindset, and continuous growth in the teaching journey.

Connect with the hosts:

Madel Mazzella:
Instagram: @unbotheredandsoft
TikTok: @madelmazzella

Kaitlyn Rapai:
Instagram: @the_teacher_burnout_coach
TikTok: ⁠@kaitlyn_rapai_coaching⁠

Original Music by: Matthew Dotson
Cover Art by: Nate Rapai

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