Why I needed life coaching and maybe you do too.

kaitlyn rapai at her desk

I’ve been a teacher for almost half my life. I started teaching right after I graduated from college.

About 12 years in, I was done…

I was completely overwhelmed, exhausted and ready to quit to become an Uber Driver. I had myself totally convinced that driving for Uber was the answer to all of my problems. No parents, no students, no admin, just me driving a bunch of strangers around. Weird idea, right? It felt like the escape I needed.

Why was I so burned out?

I have (like most teachers) always been a people pleaser.

If you ask me to do it, no problem!

You want me to head the student council? Sure!

Be in charge of the math after school program? No worries!

Put on a play with kindergarteners? I got this!

…I didn’t “got this.”

I was having panic attacks.

I was staying at work until 7pm most days after waking up at 5am.

I barely saw friends and family.

I was eating fast food all the time and I slowly gained more and more weight each year.

I was overdrinking because I thought it was relieving my stress.

I couldn’t figure out how to get everything done at work and still have any time for myself.

My therapist at the time told me to check out Brooke Castillo’s podcast.

At that point I was open to anything that might help.

On the first episode I listened to, Brooke shared the idea that our thoughts create our feelings.

That idea broke my brain.

I was under the mistaken impression that my feelings were creating all the terrible thoughts in my head, and all I could do was hold on and try to control my reaction to them.

Then everything shifted; If I was in control of my thoughts and feelings, it gave me all of my power back.

If I was the one making myself feel this way, then I had the power to change how I felt.

I joined Brooke’s Self Coaching Scholars program and got help … Help learning how to change the way I thought about my life, my job, and the people around me.

I lost 40 pounds.

I met my husband.

I stopped overdrinking.

I started loving teaching again.

I repaired my relationship with my mom.

If you need help; If you’re struggling, overwhelmed and anxious like I was, I’m here to help.

These tools changed my life. They can change yours too.

If you want more info, book a free intro call.